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Happiness is Handmade

Did you know that handcrafted items hold the energy of their maker?

When an artist creates something, part of them goes into every piece.


When you hold my handmade mugs, you can feel where my fingers left ridges when pulling the clay on the wheel and thumbprints where I pushed the clay when attaching the handle. In each piece, you get a sense of my intention of shape and form, my respect for the clay material and what it can do, and the joy I feel when creating something that will be

treasured by its owner.

This type of spiritual energy cannot be found in mass-produced wares. When you purchase my pottery, you are buying something that is truly one-of-a-kind. I put love, and a piece of my heart, into every piece. Then I send it out into the world to be used and enjoyed by you...  

It's thyme to treat yourself

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