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Happiness is Handmade

Did you know that handcrafted items hold the energy of their maker?

When an artist creates something, part of them goes into every piece.


Machine-made ceramic ware may be perfect, with every piece being exactly the same, but it feels cold and without character. Pottery made by hand, by an artist, will have slight imperfections or "maker's marks" where a thumbprint may remain or areas where a tool left a ridge of texture. When you hold my handmade mugs, you can feel where my fingers left lines from throwing the clay on the wheel and thumbprints where I pushed the clay when attaching the handle. You can

feel the joy I felt while working with this material that I love so dearly.

This is what makes handmade pottery

so unique and special.

This type of spiritual energy cannot be found in mass-produced wares. These are the maker's marks that potters have left behind for us to discover and treasure for hundreds of years. 

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