Welcome friends! 
I’m so happy you found this page.

I create the items you find on this site in my small sunroom-studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I've lived in this area for over 20 years, but it felt like home right from the start. This is an area that appreciates and supports people working creatively, and I'm so blessed to be a part of this maker's-community. It is also an area that is rich with wildlife and lush countryside, which serves as constant inspiration. My work is born from the limitless beauty that our natural world provides…  plants, flowers, trees, animals, in all their variety and complexity.  

2020 was quite the year and took a lot from all of us, but it also gave me the gift of time: 

Time to slow down from the fast pace of normal life. 

Time to refocus on the people and the things that mean the most to me.  

Time to read books, draw in sketchbooks, and play outside.

Time to bake our own bread. 

Time to plant a garden. 

Time to rediscover a passion for creating.  


Most of all, time to follow the quiet nudges in a direction that I’ve been receiving for many years to try something new.


It is Thyme to Bee me.

If you’re wondering, the name of my studio is a composite of my name Melissa, which means honey-bee in Greek, and the herb thyme, which is a symbol of courage dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times.  


During the era of chivalry in England and France, women would embroider scarves with the symbols of a “bee hovering about a sprig of thyme” and give them to their knights.  


After years of teaching public high school and private art classes, this is my courageous step to do something I’ve always wanted to do... to make art for you. Whether you are holding one of my mugs full of warm tea on a cold day, or arranging fresh cut flowers in one of my vases, I hope you can feel the joy I experience in making these clay art pieces. 

My product offerings change regularly as I find inspiration in the different seasons, the wildlife I encounter, and elements of nature. See what I have made most recently by checking out my online shop.

In gratitude for this opportunity,

Coin picture.jpg

A Thyme to Bee clay coin is included with each online order and can be used as a holder for a drop of your favorite essential oil... put it in your car, purse, clothing drawer, gym bag, or next to your bedside for a peaceful nights sleep.