Pottery Workshops

and private instruction


In Person Instruction

Private Lessons for Adults and Teens

One-on-one instruction for ages 16 and older. Have you ever wanted to learn how to use the potter's wheel? Or maybe you've tried it before but did not feel successful? I can help! In this 10-hour course, I will cover all of the basics of centering the clay, opening, raising the walls, shaping your pot, and how to trim and prepare your pottery for the kiln.

If you prefer to work off-wheel, I will cover hand-building construction techniques.  Beautiful pottery can be made without the use of the wheel...  I'll show you how!

*Vaccinated students only at this time due to a high-risk health issue in our household. Thank you for understanding.

Virtual Live-Help Sessions

For beginner wheel-throwers with their own space

I've been teaching novice wheel-throwers for many years, and have helped fix thousands of wobbly pots.  If you have your own wheel and are just getting started, but need coaching through the basics (hand positioning, pressure on the clay, how to correct when things get wobbly, how to trim and finish your pots, etc), I can help! We can set up an hour session over Zoom or Facetime where I can watch you throw and help make suggestions or corrections where needed.  I can also demonstrate from my end if it helps.  I have a kickwheel (no motor) and an electric wheel and am proficient with both.  $30/Hour


Thyme to Teach

LOVE AT FIRST TURN (on the wheel):  I took my first Ceramics class while I was in college and was immediately hooked. I knew from the start that it would be a life-long relationship. I was at school to become a teacher, but I applied for and received a semester-exchange opportunity at Buckinghamshire University in England in their Ceramics and Glass program. I graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Major in (Art) Education and a Minor in Ceramics. 


TEACHING EXPERIENCE: I have enjoyed teaching art for 20+ years.   I spent over 10 years in a public high school that had a full ceramics program with throwing and hand-building as part of the curriculum. I also ran my business, "Art with Miss Melissa", and taught local art classes and organized art-parties for children ages Pre-K through 8th grade. Now, along with making and selling my own work, I still love to share this passion for art and the making-process and help others create their own mark with clay.

CERTIFICATION: I hold active teaching certificates in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for grades K-12 and have up-to-date teaching clearances. My business is insured through Chubb.


A much younger version of myself in my first Ceramics course at Kutztown University. 1996